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A unique voice and international progressive/neo soul sound.

Territory of representation: France.
Making the world brighter and more soulful
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At just 21, Paris born and Ghent bred Emy Kabore is already considered to be  one of the greatest musical talents in Europe. With her unique voice and  international progressive/neo soul sound Emy and the band bearing her name  are ready to conquer the world

There aren’t many artists that set the bar as high for themselves as EMY does,  but the search for the perfect song and sound pays off: early in 2020 their graceful debut single "Freestyle" sweeps Belgium off its feet. Follow-up "Inconvenient" goes even further and perfectly blends eclecticism with straighforward catchiness. Press and media in all parts and languages of the  country are unanimous in their praise: this is finger-lickin’ good! On top of  that, people abroad are also beginning to take notice. And so the next chapter  begins. 

Take our word for it, the next single is gonna be out of this world. That  single – and the debut album, probably towards the end of the year – will also  be released on Mayway Records, the label of other Belgian rising stars such as Meskerem Mees, The Haunted Youth, DIRK., Marble Sounds and Mooneye. 

EMY aims at the heart, soul and legs. And they rarely miss. World, brace yourself!