With 20 years of experience of the European and international music sectors, KuratedBy provides a creative and innovative set of tools for events, venues and artists.

Founded in 2017, KuratedBy:

/ organises and supports music projects through its different activities: artistic and creative direction of events and venues, music programming, communications, production, management and artist services
/ respects and vigorously defends the DNA, values, spirit, creativity and artistic expression of projects and artists: Artists Above All
is made up of seven people, allying the agility of a small team to the experience of a major player
/ develops an ecosystem of partners and projects that encourage open-mindedness and share its values
/ is particularly keen to promote organic, human and benevolent practices, in both its democratic internal organisation and its choice of external collaborators
/ defends and promotes counter-cultures and serves as a crucial pivot between the underground, up-and-coming music and the biggest names in the sector
/ challenges the curation process: the contribution it makes, as well as its limits and evolution
/ is a member of SCIVIAS and is committed to improving the representation of women and members of minority or less visible groups in the music sector.

The KuratedBy eco-system is managed by two separate entities that have decided to pool their know-how and relationships. KuratedBy asbl (BE 0674.372.011) manages the communication part. KB Events SRL (BE 0739.666.075) manages the curation part.

artistic director
Alex Stevens

Artistic director. Dedicated his past 20 years to music and exploring the limits of the processes of curation. Also a software programmer. Get an issue? He will code a software to solve it.

co-founder, curator
Mathieu Fonsny

Has been organizing some of the best parties and events in Belgium since the 2000's. Knows your favorite DJs and manages some of them. Also a sock lover.

co-founder, curator
Clément Meyère

An unmissable figure of Paris music scene from the last 15 years. He curates your favourite Paris festivals.
Played Boiler Room when they were still recorded with a cheap GoPro.

Store Manager
Clara Dhilly

Knows all the coolest French and European journalists and media. Also a music lover booking emerging and Belgian acts.

Blog Writer
Loïc Marszalek

Digital content lover. Likes weird stuffs and trolling you on social media. EU projects and experimental music afficionado.

Also part of KuratedBy's ecosystem
artistic director

Bookr.fm is the perfect tool for bookers : artist contacts, offer management, artist statistics... It is the ideal link between agents, bookers, production and communication teams for the organisation of events or the management of concert venues.

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artistic director
Fifty Lab festival

Since 2019, KuratedBy organizes– together with FiveOh PR agency – Brussels first showcase festival and shares its curation with 20 from the best festivals across Europe.

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artistic director
Dynamo Coop

DynamoCoop is a cooperative that aims to guarantee and facilitate creators' long-term access to the infrastructures they need to develop, produce and distribute their creations.

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artistic director
Corail Studio

Corail is a graphic design and web studio based in Brussels and Liège in Belgium, providing graphic design, visual identity, reasoned printing, signage, illustration, website, e-commerce, site planning services.

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artistic director
La Tricoterie

Based in Saint-Gilles (Brussels), La Tricoterie is a link factory offering every 6 months a new cultural season with concerts, film club, theatre, market of creators and workshops for all.

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artistic director
Socksial Club

Socksial Club is a club for cotton socks-lovers where each member receives every month a new pair of socks designed by an artist, thinker or committed person.

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